John Nicholas Petro IIHello, I am John Nicholas Petro, the owner of NICHOLAS CHIMNEY STOVE & FIREPLACE. I have been in the chimney service industry for over thirty years. I cleaned my first chimney when I was eighteen years old. Chimneys are a big part of my life."If any one on my staff cannot solve your problems, please call me and I will give you my personal attention.

Feel free to call or visit my office in the center of Vienna, Virginia. Challenging problems are always welcome”.  John Nicholas Petro II

Over the years, I have traveled all across the USA and Canada, attending Chimney Sweep Guild conventions and specialized training in chimney restoration and safety. This training and many years of experience keep me abreast of the latest technology and codes and allow me to better analyze chimney performance and safety problems.

In 1986 I  attended the U.S. Army's flight school at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. After becoming a helicopter pilot, I returned to a reserve unit at Ft. Meade, Maryland, then to a National Guard unit at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. In addition to highly technical training, I gained experience in safety and attention to detail.

Mission Statement

racoon flying over a chimneyNICHOLAS CHIMNEY STOVE & FIREPLACE will endeavor to provide the finest chimney maintenance and restoration services and supplies. We will provide these services and supplies at a reasonable price without harm to our customers and ourselves by protecting our customer’s property, interest, equipment, and ourselves from unreasonable risk.

We will work to create a WIN- WIN- WIN situation where the customer wins, we the employees win, and NICHOLAS CHIMNEY STOVE & FIREPLACE wins.

Chimney safety, function and beauty are goals that we strive to achieve. Finally, our interaction with our customers and our work should be a positive experience for all involved. We should have fun.

John Nicholas Petro II