Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer VentDryer vents need to be cleaned out regularly in order to maintain efficiency and to prevent dryer fires.  Lint builds up inside the vent and blocks it off.  Birds also block off dryer vents by building nests inside the vent.  A clogged dryer will increase drying time to the point that clothes will not dry.  The first sign there is a problem is when your dryer runs through its cycle two or three times before the clothes dry.  The excessive heat produced by the dryer can’t escape through the clogged vent and then a fire could occur.  Cleaning is done with spinning brushes that are pushed through the vent system.  High-powered air is used to blow out loosened lint and debris.  The flexible hose between the dryer and the rigid vent is replaced with a flexible metallic hose.