Dampers & Damper Repair

drawing of a throat damperDampers often do not open and close properly. Sometimes adjustments can be made. However, if the damper cannot be repaired then a new damper can be installed. A reasonably priced variety is the top sealing damper installed at the top of the chimney. It is controlled with a stainless steel cable that runs from the top of the chimney to the fireplace. At the end of the cable is attached a decorative chain that you pull down to close the damper. The chain is then hooked into a bracket that holds the damper closed. This also serves to keep birds, animals, and rain out and to keep cozy warm air inside your house.

Chimney System with Damper

damper and draft diagram in chimney

Top Sealing Dampers

Other benefits of top sealing dampers include helping to create an updraft when starting a fire, reducing odors, stopping smoke at the top of the chimney from going down an unused flue and into the house through an unused fireplace, saving heating dollars and making the house more comfortable. We can also repair or replace the lower damper. The ultimate in comfort and efficiency is having both a top sealing damper and a lower damper functioning.


Lymance Lock top damperLymance Damper