Chimney Restoration

With over thirty years of experience we can tackle any restoration project. Our restoration projects include modern homes and historic monuments. We restored a historic chimney for the State of Virginia at Leesylvania State Park in Prince William County. Locally the area is known as "Freestone Point," referring to the sandstone early settlers took from the property for building.Historical Chimney at Freestone Pointe

Henry Lee II lived on the property from 1747 until his death in 1787. Eight children were born at Leesylvania, including Henry Lee III (Light Horse Harry), a cavalry colonel in the revolution, governor of Virginia (1791-1794) and father of Robert E. Lee. The Fairfax house burned in 1910, but many remnants, including a large chimney that has been restored, by Nicholas Chimney Stove & Fireplace and remain on the site. In addition, Freestone Point was the site of a Confederate force and gun emplacement during the Civil War.

Chimney Restoration Leesylavania Park

We restore every part of the chimney

We restore every part of the chimney, including waterleaks, brickwork, mortar joints, chimney crown and fireboxes. If you need your chimney rebuilt, we are the experts. Give us a call and we can come out and give you an estimate.

Chimney Resoration, Colvin Run Mill, Great Falls, Virginia

Colvin Run Mill, Great Falls, Virginia